klank disco

srm 450 v1 Mackie Deze compacte fullrange luidspreker heeft een 300 watt versterker met 12 inch woofer en een 100 watt versterker voor de hoorn. € 20 Studio2

baskast srs1500 mackie SRS1500 600w bascabinet 15inch active Deze serie is uitgevoerd met RCF speakers € 20 Studio2

fussion 3000 mackie Frequency response of the FUSSION 3000 is linear between 55Hz and 18KHz.The FUSSION 3000 delivers deep, quick bass through the use of four 12-inch high output woofers. Each 12-inch woofer handles 350 watts RMS long term. Placing four devices within the cabinet allows the FUSSION 3000 to produce very deep, precise reproduction of low frequencies. Using four 12-inch woofers allows low frequency reproduction to be extremely "quick" compared to other designs. € 60 Studio2

set fussion Mackie A Full Range/High Pass switch allows the FUSSION 3000 to be operated full range or above 85Hz only. A SUB-OUT connector allows simple connection to the Fussion 1800AS/1800S active subwoofer system. The SUB-OUT signal is low-passed below 85Hz and also contains the limiting and protection circuitry for the active subs. € 300 Studio2